A bunch of non-conforming mavericks; crazy enough to believe we can change the world. And each working at a personal or organisational level to promote sustainable development from a gendered perspective. 

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..a global community of change makers with a firm belief in the social and intellectual equivalence of women. Together we advocate for the acceleration of policy implementation, drive the actualization of the UN SDG at all levels. While creating an enabling environment for women and girls, we know for sure that more than half of the world's intellectual capacity is inherent in women and we provide the education and motivation for more women to pursue and attain leadership at the personal and public level.



The low proportion of women among economic and political decision makers at all levels reflects attitudinal barriers that need to be addressed through positive actions. This is a call to governments, transnational and national corporations, the media, banks, academic institutions, regional organizations, small and medium businesses  and presidents of G7 Countries; to appoint more women into high level decision making positions at all levels. 


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She-LEAPS University

She-LEAPS University; a non-academic, human capital development platform has at the core of its’ mandate, the provision of top-notch leadership and personal development training courses, carefully crafted to increase your leadership quotient and political involvement.

Young People of the Month

Every month we recognize the impact of youth in leadership and civic engagement .

Fily Keita
Fily Kieta


Adriane Ferdandez-Brazil

Adriane Fernandez


Fahad Younis

Fahad Younis


Special Emissary

A potpourri of crazy and passion, the world changing feminist from Porto Alegre, on a global mission to affect the status quo. She is no other but the mountains moving Adriane Fernandez

Adriane Fernandez

South America

Our multi-lingual feminist friend. With an unquenchable passion, this phenomenal visionary stops at nothing in conquering new frontiers. From Uruguay, comes the exceptional Majo Spitanik

Majo Spitalnik

South America

Across the Indian ocean, on a voyage of global impact, comes this south Asian beauty. An official dreamer with principles. From Bangladesh, today we celebrate Sumaiya Akhter.

Sumaiya Akhtar


From Koulikoro in Mali, hails this world changer. An insanely young and witty 21st century amazon. She is a fair blend of rural smarts and global relevance.

Fily Keita


Fahad is a young man with tower passion to pursue the unthinkable. Pioneering the Model United Nations in Hamaray Log, he is a self starter and gift to the world.

Fahad Younis

South Asia

Another of Bangladeshi's finest, the popularly referred Upoma is a Champion for Change at Empower Women and the brain behind Evolution 360.

Anika Ahmad

South Asia

Grassroots Advocates for Sustainable Development

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