She-LEAPS: A bunch of non-conforming mavericks; crazy enough to believe we can change the world. And each working at a personal or organisational level to promote sustainable development from a gendered perspective. 

We Are...

..a global community of change makers with a firm belief in the social and intellectual equivalence of women. Together we advocate for the acceleration of policy implementation and drive the actualization of the UN SDG at all levels. While creating an enabling environment for women and girls, we know for sure that more than half of the world’s intellectual capacity is inherent in women and we provide the education and motivation to pursue and attain leadership at the personal and organisational level.


She-LEAPS University

She-LEAPS University; a non-academic, human capital development platform has at the core of its’ mandate, the provision of top-notch leadership and personal development training courses, carefully crafted to increase your leadership quotient, social involvement and managerial output.

Young People of the Month

Every month we recognize the impact of youth in leadership and civic engagement .

Fily Kieta


Adriane Fernandez


Fahad Younis


Grassroots Advocates for Sustainable Development

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