With the days of Machiavelli long behind us, society has construed a stereotyped representation of power and leadership. Thinking power is amoral and any means however unscrupulous can justifiably be used in achieving political power is be to mildly explain it.

The opinion of leaders as shroud and political office holders as heartless bull dogs, willing and able to tear down every opposition has done no good to the perceived suitability of women for leadership roles at all levels.

Women undeniably have stronger emotions and greater feelings for family than men. But does that translate into weakness? Are women more or less likely to set goals, pursue their goals and smell the sweet scene of accomplishment? Does women’s strong affinity for other women, children and family make them more or less able to make firm choices when occupying decision making positions?

Women everywhere are hunted by one monster. It is called perception. A bold, belligerent and plain spoken man is openly applauded and recommended for high stake leadership roles, while a woman with the same qualities is regarded as confrontational, uncontrollable and suitable only for rehabilitation.

Rooted and grounded in religious beliefs that subjugate and confine women to a place of submission, it is very easy for women’s ambitions to get drawned in this deep sea of vilifing opinions and with their ambitions so does their potential and intellectual horse power get drawned.

Without any intention of arguing the limits of a woman’s submission, I personally believe a woman’s submission is bordered by the lines of marriage and that with the mutual consent of both spouses, they should be no limits to how much a woman can achieve and the heights she can climb in public life. I cling very close to my heart, the belief that marriage was intended to amplify the potential of both spouses and that every type of woman has a man suitable for her. That just like every other aspects of life, the ambitions and aspirations of both spouses are mutually inclusive and the closer both spouses gets to self actualization, the happier and more romantic their relationship gets.

Women should not be made to choose one over the other. Power over love, romance over self actualization and intellectual prowess over unpaid care work should be totally eliminated from the woman equation. We can have them both. With better planning and more empathetic understanding from our spouses, family members and the society, it will be a whole lot easier for more women to rise to positions of power, unleash their ingenuity and contribute a huge chunk to society and the world.

Let’s see mothers in parliaments, lets have grannies as ambassadors. Give us female ministers that were never married; for what does it matter if she is the president of prime minister? This is are not rhetorical as questions. She needs answers.

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