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She-LEAPS University, is a human capital development and capacity building platform that brings a global network of content providers to learners in resource limited settings. 

She-LEAPS University is a non academic platform and has at the core of her mandate, the provision of world class learning and career advancement opportunities for women and youths. 

Using an artificial intelligence powered chatbot, our algorithm is designed to meet all personal development needs. 


With school of business and management, school of social and behavioral science, school of pure and applied science and the school of vocational studies, She-LEAPS University is designed to teach courses ranging from dress making to robotics and every thing in between. There is basically no need for any previous qualifications, our courses are self-paced with quizzes at the end of each chapter and through machine learning, our chatbot drives lessons learned and provides 24/7 student support.

Certificates are also auto generated, our in-course forums enables students communicate among themselves and with content providers, an artificial intelligence powered chatbot will enhance machine learning and our affiliate marketing program will enable local internet cafes provide support for learners.


Our Reach

Our reach that spans across Africa, Asia and Latin America, we have our fingers right on the pulse of the world’s most backward nations with the hope of creating a blend of online learning that negates the limits of internet penetration.

We are in business to build a new economy for third world countries, a knowledge economy that is driven by human capital development and capacity building. We are building bridges that connect the millions of source content providers in developed countries to the ordinary young people in any developing country and we have tested this platform across 6 African countries.

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